The Kurds Are Our Best Shot Against ISIS: We Should Stop Messing Them Around

One of the less attractive characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon powers is their post-war habit of betraying third world allies, whether they are Vietnamese Montagnards, Afghan interpreters or belong to one of several less well-known minorities that have paid a grim price for trusting Britain or America to reward their loyalty.

The Kurds of Iraq are the latest to find themselves in the position of under-appreciated and betrayed allies. Grateful for the US-British-French no-fly-zone that kept Saddam’s forces out of Kurdistan after the 1991 Gulf War, the Kurds have long been the most pro-American and pro-British ethnic group in the entire region. They were enormously helpful to the Coalition before and during the invasion of Iraq and defeat of the Saddam regime in 2003. Iraqi Kurdistan could then have asserted its independence, kept control of historically Kurdish (but partially ethnically cleansed) Kirkuk and done little or nothing to help the authorities in Baghdad fight the Sunni insurgency and Shia militia violence that spread through Iraq from 2004.

Instead, as any allied commander who is worth his salt will tell you, Kurdish battalions were invaluable to Coalition efforts. Not only were they good at counter-terrorist operations, they were also reliable and trustworthy, qualities all too rare among Iraqi Security Forces especially in the early years. Nevertheless, even at the height of the war, and even though they often fought side by side Coalition forces in Baghdad and elsewhere, the Kurds received minimal military assistance from the Coalition.

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Who’s Really Hitler? Little Old Francois Hollande, or France’s ‘Pro-Palestinian’ Protestors?

A few years ago the French government took the contentious decision to ‘ban the burka’ – or rather, facial coverings in public. That means no bike helmets if you’re not on a motorbike, no surgical masks if you’re not a Japanese tourist, no balaclavas unless you’re skiing through the Louvre, and no face veils unless you’re… getting married?

More recently, French civil society was forced into a reaction after a Muslim ‘comedian’ decided to use his celebrity to make neo-Nazi hand signals, encouraging others to do so, and fomenting anti-Jewish sentiment nationally.

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Muslims Stand With Christians and Condemn Islamic State on Social Media

As the radical jihadist group Islamic State continues to terrorize millions of Iraqis, concerned Muslims are using social media to call for a larger Muslim backlash against the terrorist militia. The radical group ISIS is taking over Iraq and removing Christians from towns .

The Christians in Mosul were told to convert, pay a tax, or die. The majority chose to leave and ISIS marked homes of Christians to liquidate. Now ISIS is cutting off water supplies to Christian and Kurd towns they do not control.

The hashtag on Twitter is #No2ISIS. For muslims who are confused and can’t see the difference #NO2ISIS — ZahraL (@ahrais1) July 22, 2014 Fighting evil occupiers to defend your country is noble act; occupying a country & killing its inhabitants is wrong #NO2ISIS — ZahraL (@ahrais1) July 22, 2014

Say #NO2ISIS and support the #Iraq crisis appeal by donating to those in #refugee camps all over Iraq. — ???? (@Beshona3) July 22, 2014

There’s a lot of work to do to get Iraq ISIS free. Make sure you remember our Iraqi army mujahadeen in your prayers! #NO2ISIS — Xena (@memoirsofiraq) July 22, 2014

Executions, rape a d child soldiers…. why doesn’t anyone condemn this yet! #NO2ISIS #IRAQ #MOSUL #isis — Tareq Al-Omairi (@tareq_alomairi) July 22, 2014

Don’t forget that the Iraqis are still battling ISIS. Particularly, the Christians and the Shi’a there are being oppressed. #NO2ISIS — Sayed Umaar (@UmaarKazmi) July 22, 2014

I am an Iraqi shia and I demand the help of Iraqi Christians #NO2ISIS — SANCHEZ (@kingkyaan) July 19, 2014

Iraq needs your prayers #NO2ISIS #PrayForIraq — noodles (@nuharabee) July 22, 2014

The following picture shows different Muslim denominations praying together. Pictures like this must set the hearts of #ISIS scum on fire. #NO2ISIS — Grendizer (@RisingTruth1) July 19, 2014

bff3b7e6daman ap.jpg 150x112 Muslims Stand With Christians and Condemn Islamic State on Social Media

Muslims Stand With Christians and Condemn Islamic State on Social Media

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Crisis Prone Day: Gaza Invasion, Malaysian Air Crash, Persistent Border Issues

It’s just one of those days. Israel invades Gaza .  After ten days of on-and-off ceasefires and peace talks, the Israelis decided that a blunt force trauma to the Hamas terrorist infrastructure would be the best move to secure their border.  Can’t blame Israel — they even announced days ago that they were coming in order to limit civilian casualties. Sharing the headlines this afternoon was a Malaysian airliner which was shot down by who-knows-who over Ukraine killing 295, including 23 Americans.  Was it the Russians? a Ukrainian splinter group?  a terrorist infiltrator? Who knows!  The chaos in Eastern Ukraine has made anything possible.  Tragically, it hasn’t been such a good year for flying Malaysian Air. And don’t forget the escalating crisis on the US Southern border ( though given the latest polls the administration would be happy if we did ).  On this issue I think it’s safe to say that what we are experiencing is tantamount to an invasion — another self-inflicted wound to our national security which the administration will be glad to see relegated to the back burner for a few days while the other crises explode. This one’s not going anywhere though — can’t wait until September when school districts across the country will have to account for thousands of new LEP (Limited English Proficient) students in the Fall, or in January when the Obamacare employer mandate kicks in to the chagrin of native workers who employers may lay them off in light of all the cheap underground laborers they can exploit instead.  Those issues should go over just peachy with the American people. I’d feel better about things if we had competent people with America’s best interest at heart running things.

Continue reading here:
Crisis Prone Day: Gaza Invasion, Malaysian Air Crash, Persistent Border Issues

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Rep.-Elect David Jolly Hits Nancy Pelosi in Special Election Win

12480954353 252d854e05 s Rep. Elect David Jolly Hits Nancy Pelosi in Special Election Win

Democratic Donkey – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

In the opening of Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Channel show on Tuesday night, Rep.-Elect David Jolly (R-FL) touted the merits of his Florida 13th congressional district win. He reacted to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s downplaying of the Democrats chances in the contest and argued there’s not much nationally to be drawn from the outcome.

Instead he insisted it was a local election. “Well, I think my new colleague Nancy Pelosi might be engaging in some spin control this evening. I will tell you this — Megyn I will tell you this, we can’t draw a mandate from this race. It was a very closely run race. And I don’t know the final percentages – this what not an overwhelming victory.

What was important is that a Republican in a district that President Obama had won twice, a first time candidate going up against a hand-picked candidate from out of town, picked by the national party, the national Democrats with all of the money behind her from the beginning, they were wrong with their message.

They were wrong on the issues. The reason we won this race is because we stood on issues and for a message that was right for our community and right for the future of our country.”

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 Rep. Elect David Jolly Hits Nancy Pelosi in Special Election Win

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